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Large diameter pipe tee fittings forming process and compute


Large diameter tee forming process and computer simulation
pipe tee fitting on the modern industrial capacity, a wide range of a common pipeline connection in the transportation process of high-pressure liquid or gas will be the local eddy had a greater influence on the performance of the pipe used in the past traditional manufacturing methods to produce tee pipe fittings exist than the (slightly) so the use of high-quality seamless steel pipe forming the tube, some methods of research and production of domestic still in its infancy. This paper focuses on the high-pressure process and flanging process the production of seamless tee pieces.
pipe tee fittings
(Slightly) Arts, the paper first use DYNAFORM software simulation, analysis of process parameters (pressure, axial and radial back pressure) load path (abbreviated) form,
Through the study found:
⒈ enough feed to get a certain branch height necessary condition, but forward to the excessive, then will cause the serious increase of wall thickness;
⒉ internal pressure and back pressure the contrary, the internal pressure or back pressure is too small (slightly) at the top of excessive thinning or even broken, if the opposite manifold height is too small, the back pressure hindered the growth of the competent. In addition, explore the friction coefficient, the fillet radius on the forming, friction coefficient, the greater the fillet radius, forming the better the quality. then using neural network and genetic (abbreviated) tee-inch high-pressure process parameters match the relationship between the prediction and optimization, you can shape a better quality tee. the results showed that: neural network and genetic algorithm can be a better solution hydroforming process parameters match between prediction and optimization ....
tee fittings is a special pipe-conn (omitted) h is a large quantity of application and a wide range of application in modernize i (omitted) t appears local eddy which is significant impact on pipe performance when T-tube carries liquid or gas. We apply traditional manufacturing methods to manufacture T (omitted) h (omitted) ajor defects.Now the research and manufacture of some means which manily use high-quality seamless steel (omitted) forming T-tube is at the initial stage at home. The article mainly introduced high.


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Large diameter pipe tee fittings forming process and compute: