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Abter steel is globally partnered with the highest quality mills to offer you the best quality material delivered quickly at a great price.Abter Steel a large inventory of high quality standard and specialty Stainless Steel Pipe , Alloy Steel Pipe , 2PE/3PE Layer Coated Pipe & Pipe Fittings, ready to ship quickly. Types: Welded – Seamless

our services

Abter Steel offers various value-added services to enhance the quality products that we have to offer.

Pipe & Fittings Cutting :

Whatever shape, size or density of your material, we will custom-cut to any length you require.Laser tube cutting on tube and pipe profiles including rectangular, round, square & more.

Machining services:

Equipped with CNC lathes and mills, our production team can provide you with a single, customized piece, or a full production run. We will gladly and accurately machine all types of materials to your specification.


We offer precision welding of various materials with guaranteed strength and durability. We provide steel pipe welding flanges and welding other accessories.

Custom Bending Pipe :

We provide custom bending services for Industrial and Sanitary Applications. Call or e-mail with degree of bend and centerline radius.provide pipe induction bending range: Bending radius (R): R=1D, 2D, 3D, 5D, 6D, 8D , 10D

Inspection and Documentation

A. Dimensional inspection B. Surface finish profilometer readouts (when required)
C. Welds including welder and filler material certifications D. Electropolishing or Passivation Certification E. Material Certificates

Threading & Custom Fabrications

Whether it’s a whole or piece of pipe, a fitting or an end, we can custom thread to your specifications.We pride ourselves in meeting your custom fabrication needs. Please let us know what we can do for you.

Abter Products

It is our goal to provide a quality Pipe and Fittings when you need it.

Stainelss steel / 2016 / Product

Stainless Steel Pipes

Stainless Steel Pipe and fittings manufacturing Steel Grade: 201, 304/304L, 316/316L, 321, 310, 347, 408, 409, 410, 430, etc 1.Austenitic Stainless Steel: 2.Ferritic Stainless Steel: 3.Martensitic Stainless Steel 4.Duplex Stainless Steel 5.Precipitation-hardening Stainless Steel


PreInsulated Pipes / 2016 / Product

Pre-insulated pipes

PUR insulation Pre-insulated steel pipes was developed for district heating, where it is routinely used. The maximum operating temperature is 153°C (160°C on a short-term basis) for a maximum operating overpressure of 2.5 MPa with a service life of 30 years.



Our Factory Overview

350 employees / 60 QC staff / 10 R&D engineers
Up till now, there are 30,000 square meters of workshops and a plural of modern production lines in our modernizational factory, producing an annual output of over 32000 tons.

Workshop / laboratory , warehouses
ABTER have a national standard laboratory that can carry out inspection and testing in the production process. abter has established three warehouses with a total area of more than 8000 m², integrating packaging and storage.


2PE / 3PE/ Coating

2PE/3PE Anti-corrosion Coated Pipe

3PE / 2PE coating pipe can be also used in urban fuel gas piping system, storage tanks and groove piping system, protecting pipe in electricity and communication industries and water piping systems.


A335 / A519 / A213

Alloy steel pipes

Alloy steel pipes are tubular with higher percentages, than standard carbon steel pipes, of alloying elements as Molybdenum (Mo), Chromium (Cr), Nickel, etc. our products: EN 10297 , EN 10219 ,EN 10216, A335, A333 , A213 – Low Temperature and non alloy Steel Pipes


elbow / tee / cross / flange / reducer / bend pipe

Carbon & Alloy steel pipe fittings

Abter supplies carbon steel & alloy steel fittings . Butt Weld Fittings: flanges, elbow, bending pipe , cross , tee ,reducers, and other accessories for piping , which are widely used for fire fighting systems, gas pipeline, plumbing and drainage pipeline, structure etc.



Piping System

“Over the past 30 years, Abter steel company has been committed to the piping system industry.“

Car industry

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Wind Turbine Generators

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Today’s coal tar tape is an integrated, factory-made product that is easy to apply, either inside a pipe manufacturing facility or at a project site where pipes are being commissioned. It comprises a five-layer anatomy where a high-tensile glass fiber fabric is sandwiched with high-quality coal tar modulate, designed with a thicker overlay towards the pipe substrate side for heat fusing on primed steel substrate.

Protective Coatings: Apply and maintain protective coatings such as paint, galvanization, or epoxy. Environmental Control: Control exposure to moisture, chemicals, and temperature fluctuations.

3LPE coated SSAW steel pipes offer a robust solution for transporting fluids in harsh environments, providing excellent protection against corrosion and mechanical damage. Their durability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness make them suitable for a wide range of applications, from oil and gas pipelines to water transportation and infrastructure projects. For detailed specifications, technical support, or to place an order, please contact the manufacturer or refer to the relevant industry standards.

KS D3564 Carbon Steel Pipes for High Pressure Service (SPPH 370/SPPH 410/SPPH 480) Standard: Korean Standards Material: KS D 3564 OD: (mm) 21.3-660 WT: (mm) 2-50 Length: 5-5.8mtr, R/l, Fixed as per your request Surface: Oiled, painted, anti-corrosion

SA335 P91 alloy steel pipes are a critical component in high-temperature and high-pressure environments. Their superior mechanical properties, excellent corrosion resistance, and high temperature sustainability make them an ideal choice for power generation, petrochemical, and industrial applications. By adhering to stringent manufacturing standards and specifications, these pipes ensure reliable performance and longevity in demanding service conditions.

Conclusion 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipes are an excellent choice for applications requiring long-lasting protection against corrosion and mechanical damage. Their unique three-layer coating system ensures superior performance in demanding environments, making them a preferred solution for oil and gas, water supply, chemical processing, and other industrial applications. By investing in 3PE-coated steel pipes, industries can achieve enhanced durability, reduced maintenance costs, and extended service life for their critical infrastructure.



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