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pipe fittings Processing methods

Processing methods of the pipe fittings

, there are many. Many of them belong to the scope of the machining class, the most widely used is the stamping method, forging method, roller processing method, rolling method, bulging method, method of stretching, bending, and combinations of processing method. Tube processing is the organic combination of machining and metal pressure processing.
Some examples are as follows:
The forging method: Use a swaging machine, pipe fittings end or part of red stretch, so that the outer diameter reduce the commonly used forging machine rotary-link roller.
Stamping method: the pipe fittings end in the red bed, with a taper wick expansion to the required size and shape.
Roller method: place the wick in the tube, peripheral wheel push for the processing of the circular edge.
Rolling method: generally do not have the mandrel, the inner circular edge is suitable for thick-walled tube.
Bending: There are three ways the more commonly used, a method called the stretching method, another method called stamping method, and the third is more familiar with the roller method, 3-4 roll, and two fixed roll, an adjustment roll, adjust the fixed roll away from the finished  pipe fittings is bent. The application of this method a wider production of spiral curvature also increases.
Bulging method: one is placed in the tube of rubber, the upper punch compression, the tube bulge forming; Another method is the hydraulic bulge forming the middle of the tube filled with liquid, and rely on liquid pressure  pipe fittings drum into the desired shape , like most of our commonly used in the production of bellows of this approach.
In short tube wide range of uses, a wide range. Japanese production methods are privileged and some  pipe fittings production methods and processes have to declare a patent, fittings patent many, mostly a combination of processing. Our tube processing large gap, for example: Tee bicycle tube bulge forming head abroad as early as four or five years, and our manufacturers may still use the welding method. Almost did not know such things, it is difficult to accept new things, even if manufacturers are not necessarily willing to change this process. China in the cast iron  pipe fittings  and other fittings in this area is very slow, relatively backward.

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pipe fittings Processing methods: