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slip-on pipe flange,SO pipe flange - carbon steel flange and alloy steel flange

slip-on pipe flange,SO pipe flange
Slip on carbon steel flanges are a well-known form of pipe flanges. These are kind of flanges that slide over the end of piping then welded in location.
Slip-On pipe flanges or SO pipe flanges are generally reduced in price than weld-neck flanges, and to this effect are a common decision for our prospects. Even so, shoppers should keep in mind that this initial price saving may possibly be diminished by the further price on the two fillet welds expected for appropriate installation. Furthermore, weld-neck flanges possess a larger life expentancy than slip-on steel pipe flanges below duress.
slip-on pipe flange,SO pipe flange
The slip-on pipe flange is positioned so the inserted end in the pipe or fitting is set quick of your flange face by the thickness on the pipe wall plus 1/8 of an inch, which hence makes it possible for for a fillet weld inside the SO flange equal without having doing any damage to the flange face. The back or outdoors in the slip-on steel pipe flange or SO pipe flange can also be welded with a fillet welding.
 These flanges are perfect for reduced stress applications. They are quickly fitted and welded into unique steel pipe. Welded reduces fabrication expenses of these steel pipe. These are obtainable in wide selection of sizes and applications.
SLIP-ON flange
Has a low hub and is bored slightly larger than
the OD of your pipe. This flange is welded on both
inside and outdoors with the flange face to stop
Usage: Utilised in lieu of welding necks when cost
or space is really a big consideration.
Material Used:Common supplies employed are as follows :
Stainless steel flange
Alloy Steel flanges
Carbon steel flange
Alloy titanium etc.
Options :Some essential characteristics are as follows :
One particular size fits all pipe schedules.
Fabricators can a lot more easily reduce pipe to length for slip-on flanges.
The smaller thickness of this flange enables for simpler alignment of bolting holes.
They're typically not preferred for higher stress temperature environments.
Benefits of slip on flanges :
Low expense installation
Less time needed to spent on making sure the accuracy in the reduce pipe
They are somewhat simpler to align
The slip-on flanges have low hub since the pipe slips into the flange ahead of welding
The flange is welded both inside and outside to provide sufficient strength
They protect against leakage

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slip-on pipe flange,SO pipe flange - carbon steel flange and alloy steel flange: