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Hot-rolled steel pipe specifications, production technology, and scope of application

Scale of hot-rolled steel pipe: This product is based on API SPEC 5L petroleum natural gas scale, API SPEC 5CT oil casing specification, GB/T8163-1999 alloy pipe for conveying fluid > steel pipe GB/T8162-1999 structural steel pipe scale.
Length of fixed length: The length of fixed length is 8000~12000mm±500mm, and it can also be produced according to the length of customer demand.
Material of steel pipe: This product is made of 10#, 20#, 35#, 45#, X42, X60, X80, Q235, Q295, Q345, and can also be made according to customer's requirements.
Hot-rolled steel pipe
Hot rolled steel pipe production technology
The hot-rolled steel pipe adopts the German technical manufacturing equipment and the eddy current testing equipment of the advanced generation; the internal burr and cold shrinkage process equipment of the US inlet ensures smooth and smooth inner wall and no re-treatment of the weld; the most advanced automation in the country Natural gas high-temperature annealing furnace, annealing temperature up to 1000 °C, completely eliminate the internal stress generated in the steel pipe manufacturing process; the most advanced cutting-type pipe and reducing equipment in the domestic; the hydraulic test process is changed to 100% hydrostatic pressure The process, the pressure is not less than 60 kg, to ensure the quality of the product. The well-equipped chemical laboratory, physical laboratory, universal material testing machine, Rockwell hardness tester and other high-end inspection and testing equipment provide reliable guarantee for product quality improvement.
Hot rolled steel pipe application range
This product is widely used in medium and low pressure fluid pipelines, gas pipelines, natural gas pipelines, water supply pipelines, sewage treatment pipelines, air conditioning pipelines, fire protection pipelines, construction engineering, chemical engineering, petroleum pipeline engineering, heating and heating engineering and equipment engineering. The national "Ninth Five-Year Plan" key high-tech promotion project and the national "tap" project developed in the past two years are used in the oil natural gas industry. Water supply and drainage engineering, chemical industry, electric power industry agriculture watering, urban construction, can also be used for gas transmission pipelines, and can be used as structural pipes, piling, bridges, docks, roads, etc.
The specifications and models that can be supplied by hot-rolled steel pipes, in addition to the above specifications, can also produce non-type steel pipes according to customer requirements.

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Hot-rolled steel pipe specifications, production technology, and scope of application: