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Today’s coal tar tape is an integrated, factory-made product that is easy to apply, either inside a pipe manufacturing facility or at a project site where pipes are being commissioned. It comprises a five-layer anatomy where a high-tensile glass fiber fabric is sandwiched with high-quality coal tar modulate, designed with a thicker overlay towards the pipe substrate side for heat fusing on primed steel substrate.


3LPE coated SSAW steel pipes offer a robust solution for transporting fluids in harsh environments, providing excellent protection against corrosion and mechanical damage. متانتها, المرونة, and cost-effectiveness make them suitable for a wide range of applications, from oil and gas pipelines to water transportation and infrastructure projects. For detailed specifications, technical support, or to place an order, please contact the manufacturer or refer to the relevant industry standards.

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Conclusion 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipes are an excellent choice for applications requiring long-lasting protection against corrosion and mechanical damage. Their unique three-layer coating system ensures superior performance in demanding environments, making them a preferred solution for oil and gas, إمدادات المياه, المعالجة الكيميائية, and other industrial applications. By investing in 3PE-coated steel pipes, industries can achieve enhanced durability, انخفاض تكاليف الصيانة, and extended service life for their critical infrastructure.


Electric Fusion Welding (EFW steel pipe) refers to an electron beam welding, the use of high-speed movement of the electron beam directed impact kinetic energy is converted to heat the workpiece so that the workpiece leaving the melt, the formation of the weld. It is mainly used for welding dissimilar steel welding sheet or which high power density, metal weldment can rapidly heated to high temperatures, which can melt any refractory metals and alloys. Deep penetration welding fast, heat-affected zone is extremely small, so small performance impact on the joints, the joint almost no distortion. But it has a requirement on a special welding room because welding using X-rays.


نوع الأنابيب: إف بي إي (فيوجن بوند الايبوكسي) الأنابيب المغلفة, أنابيب الصلب الكربوني المطلية بالإيبوكسي,أنبوب مسحوق الإيبوكسي المضاد للتآكل ذو الطبقة الواحدة,Double Layer FBE Coating Pipes Application: تستخدم للغاز الطبيعي, البترول, ماء & مياه المجاري, وأنظمة الأنابيب

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FBE coating steel pipe is fusion bonded epoxy coating steel pipe.It is a kind of external heat resin used for pipes.With a form of dry powder at thickness 400-600 microns on to the heated surface of pipe.Once the FBE coated on the pipe surface,the FBE film provides an extremely hard surface with great adhesion to the surface of pipe.The FBE layer in a even form and have good resistance to the chemical reaction.


A concrete coated pipe, also known as a concrete weight coating pipe (CWC pipe), is a steel pipe that has been externally coated with concrete. The concrete coating consists of a mixture of cement, aggregates, reinforced steel mesh, و الماء. The purpose of this coating is to provide strong downward force protection or negative buoyancy for the pipelines. These pipes are commonly used in sub-sea (submarine) خطوط الأنابيب, as the concrete coating adds the necessary weight to withstand the pressure of seawater.

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