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In industries such as HVAC, district heating, and chilled water systems, efficient insulation of pipelines is crucial for reducing energy losses and maintaining optimal temperature conditions. One effective solution for achieving this is through the use of polyurethane foam pre-insulated steel pipes. في هذه المقالة, we will explore the concept of polyurethane foam pre-insulated steel pipe, مزاياها, ودورها في تعزيز الكفاءة والحفاظ على الطاقة.

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Polyurethane insulation pipe (black jacket insulation pipe, polyurethane insulation pipe and its connecting parts, including insulation tee, insulation reducer, insulation elbow, insulation bend pipe, insulation fixed joints, etc.) is suitable for urban heating, electric heating, water transmission and insulation, oil pipeline, plumbing pipe, air conditioning pipe, electric power pipe, thermal pipe...Pipeline insulation buried in the project is widely used .It has many advantages, such as environmental protection and energy saving, anti-corrosion and heat preservation, anti-freezing and cold resistance, economy and beauty, and reducing heat loss.

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abtersteel manufactures its product range for district cooling strictly in compliance with EN17415-1, إي إن17415-2, إي إن17415-3, EN489 والمعايير الأخرى ذات الصلة, والتي سوف تضمن العمر الفني كحد أدنى 50 سنوات عندما تم تصميمها وتركيبها بشكل صحيح.


Pre-Insulated Pipes • Heat loss during transfer is at a minimum level. • Provides ease of use, transportation and assembly. • It is resistant to corrosion. • It has a lifetime of more than 50 years under 120 ° C continuous temperature. • Due to the heat conduction coefficient of the polyurethane used, there is less heat loss compared to the classical system.Because the sheath pipe is HDPE, it provides 100% sealing.

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