Lịch trình 40 ống thép đen


Lịch trình 40 black steel pipe is a type of carbon steel pipe used in a variety of applications. Các “lịch trình” number in pipe specifications refers to the thickness of the pipe wall, with higher numbers indicating a thicker wall. Here’s an overview of the characteristics and uses of Schedule 40 ống thép đen:



  • Độ dày của tường: For Schedule 40, the wall thickness varies based on the diameter of the pipe. The wall thickness is more than sufficient for most high-pressure applications.
  • Vật liệu: The pipe is made from carbon steel, which provides good strength and can be welded or fabricated with the right techniques and equipment.
  • Finish: Các “đen” in black steel refers to the protective coating on the steel to prevent rust. This is achieved through a black oxide scale that forms on the surface of the steel during the hot fabrication process.
  • Độ bền: Lịch trình 40 black steel pipes are durable and designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures.
  • Đường kính: The nominal pipe size can range from very small to several feet in diameter. Tuy nhiên, for most practical uses, common diameters are from 1/8 inch đến 24 inch.

Công dụng:

  • Hệ thống nước: Widely used for transporting water, khí, air, and steam, as the schedule 40 thickness provides a good balance of strength and weight.
  • Structural Applications: Because of its strength, it can be used in structural applications such as handrails, đoạn đầu đài, and support columns.
  • Industrial: Used in process industries for conveying fluids under high pressure and temperature.
  • Fire Protection Systems: Often used for piping fire sprinkler systems due to its durability and resistance to heat.
  • Ngành công nghiệp dầu mỏ và khí đốt: Lịch trình 40 pipes are used for some oil and gas applications due to their ability to withstand áp lực cao.
Business Type Sản xuất & Sales
Product Description Caron & Low Alloy Seamless Steel Pipe
Advantaged Product Specification
English Chinese
Đường kính ngoài
độ dày
Đường kính
độ dày
From 1/2 ĐẾN 5 From SCH40 to XXS From 25 ĐẾN 356 From4 to 80
Chiều dài From 2m to 12.5m in accordance with customersrequirements
Vật liệu
Tiêu chuẩn
Sự miêu tả
Chinese American German
10# ASTM A53-A St37 DIN1626
ASTM A106-A St37-2 DIN17175
ASTM A179-C St35.8 DIN17175
ASTM A192 St35.8 DIN17175
20# ASTM A53-B St42-2 DIN1626
ASTM A106-B St45-8 DIN17175
ASTM A178-C St45-4 DIN1629
45# ASTM A1045 CK45
16Mn ASTM A210-C St52 DIN1629
37Mn5 J55
CrMo ASTM 4135,4150 CrMo4 DIN17212
40Cr ASTM 5140 41Cr4

Installation Considerations:

  • Hàn: Black steel pipe is generally joined by welding. It requires proper technique and precautions to ensure a strong and safe connection.
  • Luồng: These pipes can also be connected using threaded connections, where the pipes are threaded on the ends and joined with fittings.
  • Bảo vệ chống ăn mòn: Although the black oxide helps prevent rust, it is not a substitute for proper corrosion protection in corrosive environments. Additional coatings or paint may be applied depending on the usage conditions.
  • Code Compliance: Always ensure that any use of Schedule 40 black steel pipe complies with local building codes and standards for the application in question.

When purchasing or specifying Schedule 40 ống thép đen, it’s important to verify the exact specifications, such as the diameter, độ dày của tường, chiều dài, and any additional treatments needed for the intended application. Suppliers typically provide pipes in pre-cut lengths or custom cut to specifications.

6 bình luận

    • Ronsun2023

      2023年12月22日 Tại pm8:52

      Lịch trình 40 steel pipe makes sturdy and attractive curtain rods, shelves, coat hooks, floor lamps, and magazine racks. Of course, lịch trình 40 pipe’s primary application is transporting high-temperature, high-pressure liquids for commercial and residential properties in the oil and gas industry

    • Ronsun2023

      2023年12月22日 Tại pm8:55

      Vì thế, the difference between SCH 40 and SCH 40S is the wall thickness, with SCH 40 being thicker and suitable for standard steel pipe applications, while SCH 40S is thinner and specifically designed for stainless steel pipes.

    • Ronsun2023

      2024ngày 24 tháng 3 Tại chiều 12 giờ:57

      The main purpose of sch 40 black steel pipes is to transport propane or natural gas to residential and commercial buildings. The pipeline has no seams, making it a better pipeline for carrying gas. Black steel pipes are also used for fire sprinkler systems.

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