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FBE (Fusion Bond Epoxy) Coated Pipe: Detailed Specifications and Features

FBE-coated pipes are a type of epoxy-coated, carbon steel pipe. This coating manifests as an external, heat resin used for pipes, applied as a dry powder at a thickness of 400-600 microns onto the heated surface of the pipe. Once applied, the FBE film forms an extremely hard surface with excellent adhesion to the pipe’s surface. The FBE layer is even and exhibits good resistance to chemical reactions.

Specifications and Applications

The specifications of these pipes are as follows:

  • Outer Diameter: 20mm~3600mm
  • Wall Thickness: 1mm~80mm
  • Length: Random Length, Fixed Length, SRL, DRL

These pipes are commonly used in natural gas, petroleum, water, sewage, and pipe systems.

Coating and Surface Details

The coating standard for these pipes follows DIN 30670, DIN 30671, DIN 30678, SY/T0413-2002, and CAN/CSA-Z245.21. The pipe type includes Submerged Arc Welded (LSAW/SSAW) and Electric Resistance Welded. The surface can have either a single layer or double layer FBE anti-corrosive coating powder (200um~800um). The ends can be plain, beveled, or threaded with couplings or sockets. Plastic caps and steel rings are provided, if possible.

The pipes are packed with waterproof paper wrapping, steel strips bundling, and two tags on each bundle.

Coating Process

Steel pipes undergo shot blasting and intermediate frequency preheating before painting. Subsequently, the epoxy powder coating is sprayed on the surface of the heated pipe products by an electrostatic spraying method. This coating fuses, bonds to the steel pipe surface, and solidifies to form a coating. Typically, FBE coating has a one-step film-forming structure.

Features and Limitations

FBE-coated pipes have several features:

  • Corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Strong adhesion to steel, film integrity, soil stress, and wear resistance
  • Increased lifespan of steel pipes
  • Suitable for external corrosion protection of buried or underwater steel pipe installations with operating temperatures of -30~100 °c

However, FBE steel pipes have limitations, as they exhibit poor resistance to mechanical damage and heat and humidity.

Additional Coating Types

We also offer Single-layer Anti-corrosion Epoxy Powder Pipes and Double Layer FBE Coating Pipes.

Single-layer Anti-corrosion Epoxy Powder Pipe uses materials like Epoxy Powder, Adhesion, Polyethylene or Polypropylene, and Cement Inside. These pipes adhere to the API 5L (PSL1, PSL2); GB/T 9711.1 standards.

Double Layer FBE Coating Pipes consist of an FBE base coat and a modified FBE top coat. The performance characteristics of this system, demonstrated through laboratory and field application tests, show high bonding strength, high resistance to cathodic peeling, low water absorption, and good high-temperature resistance.


Technique Data:
1 Moisture Content: <0.5%
2 Particle Size: Larger than 250um<0.2%  Larger than 150um<3.0%
3 Density: 1.2~1.8g/cm3(Owing to the different formula and different colors)
4 Recommened Film Thinkness : a. In FBE systems: 300-400 microns (12-16 mils) b. As a primer in 3-layer PE or PP systems: 150-300 microns (6-12 mils)
5 Theoretical Coverage: 0.6993 m2/kg per mm (134.6 ft2/lb per mil)
6 Operating Temperature Range: “-73ºC (-100ºF) to 110ºC (230ºF)
7 Storage Time: 12 Months if stored below 27ºC (80ºF) and 65% relative humidity.
8  On Sieve: 150μm powder on sieve ≤3%,250μm powder on sieve ≤0.2%
9  Gel time:  under 200≥12s, and in accordance with manufacturer’s value ±20%
10  Thermal properties ΔH≥45J/g,Tg2≥95


DN (mm) Epoxy Powder (μm) Adhesive Layer (μm) Min. Thickness on The Coating (mm)
Common Level (G) Strengthen Level (S)
DN ≤ 100 ≥120 ≥170 1.8 2.5
100 < DN ≤250 2.0 2.7
250 < DN < 500 2.2 2.9
500 ≤DN < 800 2.5 3.2
DN ≥ 800 3.0 3.7

Epoxy Primer Coated Pipes Coating Specification

External Coating
Coating type Coating Standard
3LPE/3LPP DIN30670-1991,CAN/CSA Z245,21-2010,ISO21809-1-2009 SY/T 0413-2002,GB/T23257-2009
2LPE/2LPP SY/T 0315-2002,GB/T23257-2009,ISO21809-1-2009
FBE(Fusion-bond epoxy) SY/T 0315-2005,AWWA C213-2001,CAN/CSAZ245.20-2010,ISO218909-2-2007,API RP5L9-2001
Bitumen coating


Enamel &Tape hot-applied

Liquid epoxy coating AWWWA C210-2007
Polyurethane insulated coating SY/T0415-1996,CJ/T114-2000.EN253-1994
Internal Coating
Liquid Epoxy Coating AWWAC210-2007
FBE AWWAC213-2001
Cement Mortar Lining BS534-1990,AWWA C205-2001
Bitumen Coating BS534-1990

Epoxy Primer Coated Pipes Technique Data

Technique Data
Moisture Content:   <0.5%
Particle Size:   Larger than 250um<0.2%  Larger than 150um<3.0%
Density:   1.2~1.8g/cm3(Owing to the different formula and different colors)
Recommened Film Thinkness :   a. In FBE systems: 300-400 microns (12-16 mils) b. As a primer in 3-layer PE or PP systems: 150-300 microns (6-12 mils)
Theoretical Coverage:   0.6993 m2/kg per mm (134.6 ft2/lb per mil)
Operating Temperature Range:  “-73ºC (-100ºF) to 110ºC (230ºF)
Storage Time: 12 Months if stored below 27ºC (80ºF) and 65% relative humidity.
 On Sieve: 150μm powder on sieve ≤3%,250μm powder on sieve ≤0.2%
 Gel time:  under 200℃≥12s, and in accordance with manufacturer’s value ±20%
 Thermal properties ΔH≥45J/g,Tg2≥95℃


FBE Coated Pipe Production process

FBE Coated Pipe

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